I'm Jamie a 30 something gamer from East London. 

I've had most (and still own quite a few) of those iconic consoles over the years; from the Atari VCS to the next gen PS4 and everything in between. They have each had a part to play in my life and have been very good friends along the way.

I started this blog to convey my love for gaming, as an early adopter to most new gaming technologies, to me it's never been simply a pastime or a hobby. It's a genre that can move and stir emotions. An entertainment - thanks to it's interactivity which sets it a part from the conventions of simply watching a film or reading a book - makes you feel and react. You're in control, playing the starring role and making decisions which affects an outcome. 

You become fully immersed within this technology which has rapidly progressed within the past thirty years.

...Besides, it's also cool to just shoot a few aliens every now and then.
No other form of entertainment comes close to my enthusiasm for video games and the gaming industry. I hope this blog reiterates my passion. 

I'll feature the new and old, retro and next gen. Reviews, releases, video game events and all manner of gaming content. I'll even delve into my personal collections and provide honest, uncompromised reviews of the latest in gaming tech and software releases across all platforms.  

You can follow me across social media (links to which can be found on the homepage) on Bloglovin' to be kept up-to-date and also by email subscription.

I have experience in gamer based focus groups and game feedback sessions, worked as a retail manager for a well known Game store and have attended popular game title launches such a DJ Hero and FIFA.

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All pictures on my blog are taken by me using a Nixon D3100 unless otherwise credited.

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Thank you and happy reading. 


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