Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Valentines Gifts Guide For Gamers

The consumer concocted celebration of St. Valentines Day often pressures us into making expensive, elaborate purchases in a forced ostentatious display of love and adoration.

According to commercialism, nothing says I Love You more than cellophane wrapped uprooted plant-life or sugar saturated, fat blocks in a heart shaped box.

You shouldn't need to declare to the world that he or she is the one you've chosen to lay beside forevermore (...whilst you both play on your phones, ignoring one another of course.)

But if you're inclined to get involved with the festivities that February 14th brings, then check out my handy gamers' gift guide for Valentines, befitting for the player 2 in your life.

Zelda & Link Card - £3.27
Mario & Peach Card - £3.27
Player 2 Card - £3.27
I Love You Enough... Card - £2.75

Remaining Life Card - £3.56

Bioshock Card - £2.57  
8-Bit Flower Bouquet - $19.47  

I Choose You Tee - $14.95
Player 1 Player 2 Gaming Mug Set - £15.65

Gameboy iPhone Case - £19.45
Gamer Soaps - £12.99

Forgotten Traveller Art Print - £14.99

Pixel Art Gift Wrap - £17.75

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