Friday, 6 November 2015

An Interview With Nolan North - MCM Comic Con London

It’s so easy it is to get up early when you’re off to do something you enjoy. 

Of course it’s a different story 6am weekdays when I’m peeling my face off the pillow as the alarm sounds for work. Today however, I sprung out of bed excitedly as little old me was off to the MCM Comic Con London - with a press pass! 

And boy did it feel like Christmas morning.

To be recognised as press by MCM was a dream - that accreditation alone made my year but the icing on the cake was an email received on Friday, outlining the schedule for the press round table interviews. 

One interview that caught my eye was with a certain Mr Nolan North, who was pencilled in for the 9am slot. 

The opportunity to be in the same room as one of the most recognisable faces in gaming - that’s not made of pixels or polygons - was exciting prospect, let alone having the opportunity to ask him a question. 

On arrival I was directed to the collection point for my pass. I felt at any minute a menacing leather gloved guard would grab me by the shoulder and give me the boot upon learning my little gaming blog had made it through amongst the big boy media players. Thankfully I was only met by approachable staff who happily escorted me to the interview rooms.

Mr North entered the room with no airs and graces; my misconception of an indoor-sunglass-wearer, nonchalantly waltzing into a press room with a PA in tow clutching an iPad and chia latte were quickly eradicated. On sitting down he even joked that he’d just signed for Arsenal as Giroud no longer has the pace - is Nolan North a Gooner? 

I didn’t think I could love him any more! 

He answered everything from his opinion on the possible voice actor strike to advice for anyone wanting to break into the voice acting biz. 

He was extremely engaging and spoke with much passion - never once did it feel like he was going through the motions of a PR tour because there was something to sell. 

His anecdotes were engaging, particularly when speaking about working alongside other actors on the Uncharted series. He chatted about Mr Richard McGonagle who provides the voice for Victor Sullivan and for a brief moment upon hearing him say the word “Sully” it felt as though Nathan Drake was actually sat 2 metres in front of me. 

It made me a very happy nerd.

For my question I asked whenever he would consider playing Nathan Drake on the silver screen if a film adaptation was ever given the green light. 

He joked that there was no way the business of Hollywood would ever let him play the role and mimicked an aching back - perhaps suggesting he’s a little over the hill for the part. 

In a more serious tone he said that of course he would, although he’s not sure whenever it would make sense as the game is so cinematic in contrast to a game like Assain’s Creed, who've taken a different spin on what that world constructed. 

Mr North explains that most of the scripts he is aware of are literal translations of he Uncharted game. He also suggested as the character of Nathan Drake has been allowed to grow with his audience and that it would perhaps be difficult to cast as fans already have their own emotional connection and perceptions of the character.

After 20 minutes the interview session came to a close and we were ushered into a corridor for 1-2-1’s. 

Despite usually being unfazed and speaking passionately about gaming with ease, I felt rather nervous mentally preparing questions; did the Arsenal quip mean he was a Gooner?…Perhaps he could give me a definitive answer as to whenever there’s an Uncharted 5 on the table?! Imagine that exclusive scoop for my little blog!

Thankfully I met the lovely Louise (@Shiny_Demon) from Games Radar in the corridor while waiting, who helped alleviate my nerves. We chatted for a few minutes about my blog, how cool it was to hear Nolan North say “Sully” and how unprofessional it would be of me to ask whenever he would do my voicemail message! 

Then came the gutting news that time was short and I wasn’t going to get my 1-2-1. I was disappointed, but understood. I think I’d pushed my luck enough. I said my goodbyes to Lousie, thanked the MCM staff and made my way down the exhibition floor. 

What an amazing opportunity! 

My question is around the 9 minute mark.  Credit: Flix News

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